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  • Step #1. Copy and paste the application for enrollment text found below into the body of an e-mail, which you can find a link to below (not as an attachment), fill in the details and send that to us. You will be notified of your acceptance shortly.
  • Step #2. Make tuition payment through the “Buy Now” buttons below. You do not require a Paypal account.
  • Step #3. Once the Enrollment Agreements and tuition have been received, CASI will send you an invitation to join the school e-mail list, your coursework, and student handbook via email.

Entrance Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older
  • High school diploma or equivalent (exceptions can be made if student attests to their capability in reading and writing)
  • Agree to adhere to professional practice guidelines
  • For professional development diploma programs, that you have professional experience in an animal related field and are enrolling to expand your professional skills and knowledge, and for personal interest certificate programs, that you are enrolling for personal interest. (Details below in enrollment form)




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Which program are you enrolling in?:

Where did you hear about The Companion Animal Sciences Institute?:

Would you allow the Companion Animal Sciences Institute to use your name and email address as a reference once you are a Student for those who ask for references?:

By submitting this application form you testify that you have read, understood and agree with the "The Companion Animal Sciences Institute Methodological Stance” found on the home page and "Professional Practice Guidelines." 

By applying, you also testify that (a) you are at least 18 years of age, (b) you have earned a high school diploma or equivalent or that you can nevertheless communicate in writing at that level and (c) that if you are enrolling in a behavior (not nutrition) department diploma (not certificate) program that you work or have worked or volunteered in an animal related field or have completed a vocational program of study on the topic or have professional membership or certification in a professional association / certifying body, for which you are seeking to upgrade your skills and knowledge with professional development education. (Professional experience does not need to be extensive—it can be basic entry level; e-mail us if you have any questions about whether you qualify). If you are enrolling for a certificate (not diploma) program, including any program in the nutrition and fitness program, that you are enrolling to expand your knowledge for personal interest. By submitting this enrollment request, you are agreeing to the above.


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Tuition Payment

[Please note: Tuitions will increase June 1st. Lock the lower tuition in now by enrolling.]

Tuition is listed in Canadian Dollars and the currency will be automatically converted during the checkout process. For an estimate, you can use this Currency Converter.

Program Tuition Payment

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Elective courses only for graduates or enrolled students.

$60 CDN / Approx. $49 USD

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Individual Courses


If you have not ALREADY completed one or more individual courses, please do NOT use the button below. Program-as-a-whole enrollment (above) is the ONLY available option at this time. If you have been working through your program one course at a time, please note that tuitions will increase June 1st and if you would like to save money, contact us about getting enrolled in the program as a whole and the necessary adjustments will be made to apply what you have paid thus far to the program tuition.

$130 CDN / Approx. $99 USD

The tuition for each course is $130 CDN / Approx. $99 USD and the time allowed will be 2 weeks per course. [Please note: Tuitions will increase June 1st.] Pre-requisites must be observed. Tuition may change at any time. If you have taken individual courses and wish to transfer into the program-as-a-whole arrangement, please contact us and we will help you do that. This individual course option may be discontinued at some point.

Individual Course Buttons

Please ensure that you enter the course number below.

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Extension Request

The $50 extension unit below is per month for program-as-a-whole enrolled students and per week for one-course-at-a-time enrolled students.

$50 CDN

Re-enrollment for Certificate Programs (must be approved first)

We cannot provide extensions for the certificate courses. However, if you need more time, you may reenroll at 70% off tuition (that’s $300 CDN total). You will then have a new full year and will not be required to complete work you have already finished.

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