Jacqueline Munera

Jacqueline Munera CCBC, PCBC, CAP 2
Advisory Board Member / Instructor 


  • New College of Florida Honors B.A. in Biological Psychology
  • Currently attending The Companion Animal Sciences Institute Diploma of Advanced Canine Behavioral Sciences program


  • Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, IAABC
  • Canine Massage Certification 2003
  • Level 2 Reiki Certification 2004
  • CAP 1 Kay Laurence Certification 2004
  • CAP 2 Kay Laurence Certification 2008 (first in world to achieve with a cat)
  • Professional Cat Behavior Consultant (Association Animal Behavior Professionals) 2008
  • Professional Dog Trainer (Association Animal Behavior Professionals) 2008


  • Winner of the Karen Pryor Canis Film Festival 2007: Feline Division "Ankle Attack"
  • Finalist in the Karen Pryor Canis Film Festival 2009: Cat Burger-lar
  • Feline Division Member of the Year, International Association Animal Behavior Consultants 2009


  • AABP #059
  • APDT#78387


  • Courteous Canine, Inc Dog School 2003-2004
  • Mote Marine Lab: Manatee sensory processes 2008

Seminars Presented

  • Keeping Cats as Pets, Japanese Pet Care Society Symposium (Tokyo, Japan), 2009
  • Using Clicker Training to Address Feline Behavior Issues, Annual Conference, International Association of Animal behavior Consultants (Houston, TX), 2009
  • Cat Behavior Lab Intensive, North American Veterinary Conference, 2009
  • Cat Behavior Workshop, North American Veterinary Conference, 2008
  • Clicker Training Lab Intensive, North American Veterinary Conference, 2007

Occupational Experience

  • Miami Humane Society 1993-1996
  • Cat Network, Adoption Coordinator  1999-2000
  • Courteous Canine 2003-2010
  • Behavior Lab Assistant, North American Veterinary Conference (Orlando, FL) 2007-2010


  • Munera, J. (2008). Competency Assessment Programme (CAP) Level 2 with Feline Jazzmanda. Animal Behavior Consulting: Theory and Practice. 4(1), pp. 13 - 17.
  • Munera, J. (2008). Early Introduction Age and Other Factors: Precursors to Feline/Canine Friendship? Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior July 2008: Vol 2 (1)
  • Munera, J. (In Press). Social or Solitary? Social Organization of Domestic Cats, New College Journal


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