Here is what some of our students, graduates and guest speakers have to say about their experience witháCASI. We are very proud that our students and graduates find their experience with us so reinforcing.

“I landed on the CASI website during an exhaustive search for an educational opportunity that could truly help me grow my skill set as a canine behavior professional. I had already earned my certification for canine training and behavior consulting but wanted a deeper, richer understanding of the science behind the work. This program delivered the learning experience I was hoping for. The content was presented in a constructional format, the courses were challenging, and support was provided via a helpful online classroom forum. All inquiries for help and support were answered quickly. The goal for all students is mastery of the content and the system in place for submitting and getting feedback on assignments supports that goal. Personally, it deepened my understanding of functional assessments, contingency management, and other crucial mechanisms required to efficiently change behavior. If you have other certifications requiring continuing education credits, this program provides CEUs for each course which helped further justify the cost of tuition. In summary, this curriculum is focused, comprehensive, fulfilling, and of great value for anyone interested in understanding the natural science of behavior.”

Erika Lessa, Dip.CBST, CDBT, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology

"I researched many educational options when looking to further my knowledge in canine behaviour and all my searching stopped when I came across CASI. I could tell from the instructors credentials and course content that this was the place I wanted my diploma from. And what an institute it is! It's content is based in science with no fad or coercive techniques, the assignments allow for a clear understanding and if there is any confusion along the way, there is a wonderful community of students, graduates, and instructors to help you out. Finishing this diploma I feel I have gained so much, not just a understanding of behavioral terms but also a membership in a wonderful scientific community and a clear view point on canine training and working with behaviour problems. To any one looking for a comprehensive program in animal behaviour or a behaviour consultant/technologist I highly recommend you look no further than the CASI and AABP."á

- Jayden Mayville, DipCBST,á

Graduate, Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology

Animal Antics Behaviour Centre

Ontario, Canadaá

"I am a recent graduate of the Canine Behavior Science and Technology program, and can honestly say it has had the most profound effect on me as a technologist/behaviorist in a career covering many years and areas of canine work, including training, behavior, handling, and breeding. Before taking the program, I often wondered how a discussion with other trainers/behaviorists could result in so many different approaches, and often confused interpretations of what should be areas that we all could address without influence of personal biases, approaches, or haphazard protocols—the medical model paradigm I discovered. I have used and studied James O’Heare’s masterful book “Aggressive Behavior in Dogs” for years, but realized I had the answer to that question in my hand! The natural science of behavior; the systematic and principled method of assessing and training the laws and principles of behavior. And so I ventured back into academia, by enrolling in this fantastic curriculum. This is a comprehensive and challenging course covering a spectrum not found elsewhere. I have admired James O’Heare and his work for many years, and having access (timely and personal, I might add) was worth the tuition all by itself!! Be prepared to work hard, be prepared to learn a tremendous amount, be prepared to understand behavior at a whole different level. This is not a “multiple choice,” “fill in the blanks” course; you will need to analyze lots of data, and respond to in essay form to important issues in a clear, concise, and relevant manner. Hard work with enormous dividends! I cannot recommend this entire experience strongly enough!!"

- Bill Weiler Dip.CBST, CPDT-KA


Paws N’ Effect LLC

"I recently completed the CBST program and couldn’t be happier with the skills and knowledge I have gained. This is far more than just a how-to program about training dogs. It is an in-depth study of behavior, why behavior occurs, and how to control it. The quality of the program became incredibly evident to me as I greatly excelled in my career with dogs, even as I was still working through the courses, receiving compliments from my coworkers and accolades from my managers. I highly recommend the CBST program to anyone wanting to become a true behavior professional and expert in dog behavior. The one on one support and coaching James provides are valuable beyond expression, and I simply can’t speak highly enough about how great the entire experience has been for me, and about how thankful I am to have gained the education, experience, and skills that I have received through the CBST program. I can honestly say that this has been the most excellent educational experience I have ever had."


- Mark A. Bopp, Dip.CBST



“Taking on the diploma CBST I was both very excited but also very nervous as I haven’t done any formal study of thisácalibre in a long while. I was also concerned about how I would manage doing it online from the other side of the world. As it turned out I need not have worried, as whilst being quite technical and introducing a lot of new terminology, it is all done in a systematic way which gives you a good foundation in the beginning with which to proceed. I never once felt that distance was an issue or that I was doing it on my own, as both James and all other students were there very promptly whenever I needed some clarification or just a bit of a confidence boost. The study certainly was challenging and really tested the old brain cells, but I always felt supported and knew that someone would be able to guide me and explain issues in a manner that I would understand. Because it was so challenging and I had to work hard at it, I now feel a real sense of achievement having completed it. Many thanks to James and all the class, I wish you all well.”

- Bernie Gomez


"I decided to enroll in CASI after considering a number of other animal behavior programs. I believed CASI offered the most comprehensive list of topics germane to my area of interest (and did so at a great monetary value). Now that I have completed my program I feel more than ever that I made the right choice and believe my experience far exceeded my initial expectations. The instruction I received provided me with a firm foundation in the fundamental principles of behavior. The course materials and assignments not only challenged me to develop a rigorous comprehension of behavior theory but the work also required a thorough understanding of their application in companion animal training. I liked the fact that I could specialize in canine behavior and draw from and add to my own experience working with dogs. There are many other benefits CASI offers that I enjoyed. For example the ability to self-pace meant I could structure my study time around my work and family obligations without conflict. I also derived a great deal of help and support from the CASI online classroom and I continue to appreciate the camaraderie and assistance that is available in this forum. The greatest profit my participation in CASI has given me, though, is my confidence that the skills I have acquired can be used to help others and promote the welfare of companion animals. CASI not only has high standards for academic conduct but insists on the highest standards of ethical conduct. CASI students and graduates are expected to behave professionally in the best sense of the word."

- Louise Hartman, Dip.CDST


Northstar Dog Training and Canine Behavior Consulting

"I have completed a Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Science Technology with CASI and have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone seeking a well organized, comprehensive and scientifically based education in animal behavior and learning.á The emphasis is onáproviding reliable information, based on the scientific principles of learning and behavior.á It is also aáa very humane-based course, andáI was extremely impressed with theáethics unit I completed -ásomething all professionals and individuals should find thought provoking and relevant.ááI searched for over 6 months to findáa place to studyábefore choosingáCASI.á During my initial searching, I was impressed with the transparency of the course content prior to enrollingáand the approachability of James O'Heare with all my initial questions.á Few of the otheráinstitutes I investigated were so forthcoming in this regard.áThis approachability and prompt, friendly responseácontinued throughout theáduration of the course.ááCASI came highly recommended to me by others, and these recommendations wereáin no way misplaced.áOnce starting the course, itáexceeded my expectations.á It is challenging and yet accessible to most people.á The concepts taught will enable the student to approachátraining and behavioral modification goalsáin a systematic way.á The classroom was a great forum for asking questions and learning, andáall my questions were answered quickly - distance was not a problem.á Learning from the questionsáthat other students asked was alsoábeneficial.á I was fortunate enough to meet a fellowáCASI student, doing the same course at the same time, whoálived 5 minutes away from me!á This made the experience evenámore positive for me, as we became actual study partners and caught upáregularly toátalk about all things CASIáand think up questions we could ask the classroom and James.ááI simplyácannot speak highly enough of the course, it's structure, the content and the professional, yet friendly and approachable way James O'Heare responds to his students.áá I am already considering which course I will enroll in next.á A sincere thank you to James for having the foresight and passion to provide such an in-depth, ethical and scientifically based programme."

- Sonya BevanáB.Sc. (Physio),áDip.CBST


"Dog Charming"



"Becoming a student atáCASIáwas one of the best decisions I have made. The caliber of the instruction went far beyond my expectations, and the attention I received as a student was extraordinary to me. I remember when I first started the program, I had explained to a friend of mine that when I asked a question, it seemed my instructor was sitting beside me because I would often get answers within a half an hour. And the answers I received were detailed and so helpful. James O'Heare (my instructor) pays such attention to detail.á It is important to him that his students understand the material presented, and he gives exceptional instruction to ensure that will happen.á Still, what stood out most for me (and what I am most grateful for) was the depth of the education I received atáCASIáand also the training philosophy that permeates everything in the studies.á The latest solid, scientifically based learning theory is presented, and that is paired with a non-aversive reward-based system for teaching animals with compassion and love. I could not have asked more from my instructor or the college. It is, indeed, an honor for me to be a graduate of The Companion Animal Sciences Institute and to have had an opportunity to have James as my instructor."

-áElisa, BA, Dip.DTBC
Kennel Manager
Coordinator/Trainer BESTá
Behavior Enrichment Socialization and Trainingá

"Thank you for the opportunity to feelágood about myselfáin the way of learning. I haven’t been in school for over 30 years and I was really nervous to take this course. When the 9lb text book arrived, I thoughtá“oh boy what have Iágot myself into” áAs is turns out I loved everyábit of the Canine Nutrition course and I surprised myself witháhow well I did and how good I felt doing it. Susan is a great teacher with lots of patients. I look forward to challenging myself with the Advanced level very soon.”

- Donna Middleton

Certificate of Canine Nutrition Graduate

"I signed up for my course of study with CASI because I wanted a way to formalize my studies in dog training and behavior consulting, and to gain a solid grounding in behavioral science that was specifically focused on dogs. I was looking for a distance course that would be flexible enough to allow me to pursue my interests, and structured enough to stretch me in areas where I knew I needed to learn more. My studies with CASI did serve that purpose, and I am glad that I persevered through the often challenging and always interesting study modules. I particularly appreciated the knowledge and responsiveness of my instructors, and the support of áother students that made the virtual Classroom a valuable resource. The Institute is a dynamic entity that continues to grow as the field of dog training and behavior matures and expands. I believe I am a better practitioner because of my studies with CASI, and recommend it to others who are seeking an affordable, convenient way to enhance their behavioral knowledge base."

- Caroline Spark, Ph.D. Dip.ACBS


Portland, OR

"My educational experience atáCASIáhas been a wonderful journey towards understanding and learning about canine behavior. The knowledge I’ve gained while an on-line student of the Diploma of Behavior Modification program can be compared to an on campus education at a top ranking University. I really enjoyed the Classroom format where all the students discuss assignment related topics and training and behavior modification challenges they encounter. Even after graduation, I get to stay in the Classroom and be a part of this wonderful community of professionals. I would recommend this school to anybody who wants to gain up-to-date knowledge and experience in an animal related industry while having a great time. I am definitely going to take another course witháCASIásince there is such a broad range of classes available."

-áAnna Lindahl, Ed.M., Dip.Beh.Mod., CPDT
San Diego Humane Society
Behavior and Training Department

"My experience atáCASIáhas been far above and beyond what I imagined. I spent one full year searching online for schools offering curriculums to advance my learning of dog behavior, and was very hesitant to trust what was offered out there. Then I came acrossáCASI, and I'm so thankful I did.á The courses offer a quality education and challenging work. The classroom environment is positive and helpful. There are wonderful academic discussions, and the information provided in the classroom is sound information that can be trusted.á The instructors are very accessible, and go beyond helpful. I couldn't ask for anything more in an online education!"

- Cynthia Chelsea Koslow

“Before I started with CASI Institute, I already had a diploma of dog training and a partial course in animal behaviour. I wanted to add the remaining knowledge to my education so that I could become a dog behaviour consultant but I kept running into the same problem everywhere I looked. I had a feeling that I would not get the full value for my money. Finally, and fortunately, I found CASI. From the moment I started I had no doubt that this was what I was looking for. I have now finished the Diploma of Dog Training and Behavior Consulting program and I still feel that I got the full value for my money and that it was all worth the effort.

CASI provides you with the latest scientific knowledge within the behavioural field and you can always ask any question you like and get an answer very quickly. James O’Heare is a very knowledgeable person and you can always be sure that the information he provides is thoroughly examined and scientifically well founded.

The CASI classroom is a marvellous place for discussion, inspiration, support, and exchange of experience and I am pleased that I have the possibility to stay in this group as I know that I shall never finish learning.”

- Ann L. Jeppesen, Dip.DTBC


"James, thank you for all of your help and feedback on my assignmentsáthroughout the Diploma program. I enjoyed each course very much; in fact itáwas far more stimulating than my master’s degree assignments in 2001.áHaving been involved in the dog training business for ten years and havingáread almost every book available on learning theory and dog training I wasáimpressed with the quality and challenge of each unit. The assignments andácourse notes provided were great. It is obvious that much thought andáorganization has gone into developing the program; it is well rounded,árelevant and absolutely pertinent to anyone wishing to become a professionaláand competent companion animal trainer."

- Niki Tudge, Dip.ABT, CDTá

Founder,áDogSmith Franchise Services Inc.

Founder, Pet Professionals Guild

CPDT, E-Nadoi, CBC

Pet Care Services CPCT, CAPCT

AKC “CGC” Evaluator

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"The Dog Aggression Workbook by James O'Heare was recommended to me by staff at an animal shelter to help with a dog I was fostering.á That book started my admiration for James O'Heare. Several years later, I am so happy that I chose CASI to further my understanding of dog behavior and training. The Dog Training Science and Technology Diploma Program was challenging in a very satisfying way. The coursework treats you like an intelligent adult who is capable of problem solving and rewards you with layers of information that really make a difference. I started noticing my worldview included the theories and principles I was learning about as a direct result of the type of studious reading and writing that I was doing. The classroom forum was also a priceless resource - just being able to read what the other students were saying on a subject clarified most questions I had.á I feel very prepared to put my knowledge toágood use and am motivated to continue studying and learning. This was a great experience!"

- Linda R. Nico, Dip.PDTST

"The week I spent as a Guest Speaker in theáCASIáClassroom was wonderful. To be able to give input on marketing and advertising one's dog training business to students who were so clearly enthusiastic and focused about what they do was a pleasure. I'm sure the success rate of those who go through this program is phenomenal!"

-áNicole Wilde
áGentle Guidance Dog Training
áAuthor of So You Want to be a Dog Trainer and One on One A Dog Trainer's Guide to private Training
-since hired as an Advisory Board member

"I thoroughly enjoyed my course of study at CASI. The curriculum is in-depth and science-based, and the faculty and students create a positive and supportive learning environment. CASI offers a high quality learning opportunity for serious students."

- Laurel Scarioni, CPDT


Pawsitive Results Critter Academy, LLC



"There is a great need for quality education for dog trainers, andáCASIáis there to provide it. Continuing education encourages trainers to become a community of learners and to share their knowledge."á

-áDeborah Jones, Ph.D.
Kent State University Stark Campus
Planet Canine / Akron OH

"I thoroughly enjoyed the completing Dip.CBST. The support I received when I needed help was fantastic, I was never made to feel stupid. The thing I loved most about the course, however, was the science based approach to dog training and behaviour.It made my learning experience much easier as I could understand the 'why' and 'how' everything worked the way in which it did."

- Kelly Brown, Dip.CBST


"I have so, so thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the coursework atáCASI! I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough. The quality of the information, the support given by the other students and by James O'Heare himself, at-your-own-pace environment...these things and many others make the expenditure of both time and money ABSOLUTELY, unquestionably worthwhile. You should definitely enroll in one of the programs. It's one of the best things I've done for my career thus far!"

-áMolly Stone-Elmore, Dip.A.B., CDBC, CC/SF-SPCA
Staff Behaviorist, SPCA of Wake County, Garner NC
Owner/Director: Communica-nine Motivational Dog Training Services, Raleigh NC
National Training Director: Helping Paws Pet Assisted Therapy, (North Carolina)
áCoordinating Committee Member: Applied Companion Animal Behavior Network
-since employed as Advisory Board member, instructor and now Vice President of The Companion Animal Sciences Institute

“I searched long and hard for a credible course in Canine Nutrition so that I may be of better service to my clients. Having read a lot of James O’Heare’s books, I knew he stood for science based knowledge and has a high regard for ethics. It was thus not a difficult choice to make to enroll in his Institute. Both James and Susan Dillion, the course instructor, were always helpful and responded very quickly to any questions. With there being so many conflicting views on nutrition out there it was good to learn what the real facts are. This course is packed with valuable and unbiased information. I am proud to say that I am a CASI Nutrition Graduate, and highly recommend CASI to anyone seeking a challenging, in depth and unbiased approach to nutrition. Thank you James for establishing the Companion Animal Sciences Institute so that others may benefit from you and your faculty’s knowledge !!”

- Claire Grobbelaar Cert.CN

Graduate, Certificate in Canine Nutrition

Canine Concepts« Behaviour & Training cc.

"CASIáprovides a great quality advanced academic education for anyone who owns dogs, who works with or plans to work with dogs. When I signed up I was amazed at the quality of the reading material and assignments. I learned more than I ever imagined I would. The students continuously demonstrate their support and compassion for each other while James O’Heare is extremely dedicated to each student’s success. The knowledge I gained helped me to build a very successful daycare facility. I am now honoured to be a member of the faculty atáCASI, where I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences and to help students with their academic growth and career development."

- Vernessa Wysocki, Dip.D.D.
Companion Animal Sciences Institute Diploma of Dog Daycare Graduate
K9 to 5
Doggie Daycare, Nightcare
Grooming & Training

“I found everything and everyone very interesting and informative. … James is a very knowledgeable and patient person. Without his continued support and guidance I would have been lost. … I had a wonderful time. I was impressed with the level of professionalism that came from this school. Thanks you for such a rewarding experience.”á

á-áKaren Kennedy Dip.C.B., Graduate